Audio Tour

HENK | "Audio Tour"

Interactive Installation

The inspired audio tour is not just about viewing works of art, but the people surrounding the event, and absorbing information about everything using your imagination.  Portraits on the walls can’t replace live faces in the world, where there is much more going on behind the curtain. In order to open this veil, we made an audio tour guide during the “HENK op de Helling” music festival showcasing works done by artists, but in-between, placed some special characters (8 actors who were strategically placed) describing some private things about themselves. The concept was to to give visitors an glimpse of knowing something private about strangers they see in order to break a barrier between them; something that visitors can keep all to themselves. Each actor was portrayed with his/her own unique personal story.


Henk op de Helling, NDSM Werf, 2012

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