Basic Things

HENK | "Basic Things"

Interactive Installation

In 2011, we were commissioned to create an environment design for the open-air music festival “HENK op de Helling”.  An event with thousands of attendees, our intention was to engage as many crowd participants as possible, and to evoke a human reaction with “Basic Things”.

Based on interaction with people as participants of a psychological experiment, we built three rooms in the shapes of a square, triangle and rectangle, made with different colors and materials. The intention was to see how the shapes themselves, colors and materials may influence the choices visitors make subconsciously, and which space they are most comfortable to be in.

With no rules how to use the space or how interact with it, we were pleasantly surprised by how popular the spaces became as the day grew.  After enjoying a big public event, visitors were looking for a space that could give them some privacy, where they could talk without been interrupted and feel more secure and cosy, which in the end, the crowd favorite turned out to be the black room with soil.

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