Johnson Controls Displays

Johnson Controls Displays

Freelance Senior Design

The Technology Experience Center meets the visitors as soon as the doors to the elevator open. The concept was to create a branded experience to individuals exiting the elevator with program information and a simple connection to the outside world that speaks to the breadth and depth of Johnson Controls’ solutions. Throughout visitors’ tour of the TEC, they will get an in-depth look (from a macro to micro level) at the technology JCI uses and their product solutions to better their business and environment with various LED panels, glass projections, touch-screen tables, or vertical kiosks.


Concept Phase

Global Welcome Wall


The 7-Meter NEC Wall features an introductory welcome motion graphic message with opening tiles falling from the sky quickly forming the JCI brand logo and exploding to release and quickly coming back together to form a 3D land mass of global project case studies. Focusing on a particular product, the case study zooms forward as the globe fades into the background and factual case study points of interest display in the negative space. All of the case studies’ data (photos, videos, titles, descriptions) are editable via the back-end content management system to be custom tailored to the visiting customers.

Showcase Introduction Panel


The Showcase Introduction Panel uses frosted glass projection that is still able to be physically interacted with on the glass itself, and is a high-level introduction to what people can expect to learn throughout the TEC – and a teaser to Johnson Controls’ building efficiency.

Throughout the TEC experience, the various interactives use different particle animations to tell stories through motion graphics. In the original storyboard, the Showcase Introduction Panel particles multiply and grow to form outlined line drawings that help visually communicate the on-screen messaging, later rendered as a solid line.  At the end of their introduction, the user walks away with extra knowledge of FAQ tips related to their business, a good understanding of what they can expect from their time in the TEC, how their building can reach its potential, and how JCI can better serve their needs at any phase of their lifecycle.




Technology Experience Center

Animations compiled and created by David Bryan show clips of many finalized interactive tables, kiosks and displays in the Johnson Controls Technology Resource Center.

Photos and animations by Downstream and David Bryan.

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