Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank

Art Direction Campaign

When Umpqua Bank needed a full-service brand campaign, we worked with Pollinate to reach all needed marketing touch-points from art direction on online advertising strategy, interactive mobile demos, physical in-store services, and creating digital hype for upcoming opening branches.



Constantly on-top of creating catchy online advertising campaigns specifically targeted to those looking for banking needs in the Pacific North West.


Mobile Demo

Art Directed from start to finish throughout stylized photo shoots, visual design all the way down to development of the interactive mobile demonstrations allowing users to “on-board” users for their first-time experiences using mobile banking depending on hardware device or operating system.


Opening Teaser

Anytime there was a new store opening, we created hype to set the stage for user expectation, showcasing a web portal with important information, as well as video teasers to show a glimpse of the future interior design, as well as placing importance on in-store interactives.


Capitol Hill Store Opening

Photos by Umpqua Bank.

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